10x more we’ve-been-there experience.

The '10x' in 10x Founders stands for the possibilities of 10x better products and business models, and multiplying your potential.

With decades of first-hand expertise as operators, CEOs, and founders of multiple start-ups, we leverage our experience to multiply the potential of today's most exceptional ideas and the individuals driving them.

Our impact

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We have a deep understanding of your entrepreneurial challenges. Paired with our extensive network, it’s helped us to successfully back the companies building the future.

Who we are.

Our team comprises highly accomplished investors and successful serial entrepreneurs boasting an exceptional investment track record. With over 10 successful companies under our belt, we have also invested in over 300 start-ups as angels, including 15 unicorns.

As former operators, CEOs, and founders of numerous startups, we are well-versed with every high and every low of the entrepreneurial journey. Some of our ventures have failed, while others have become widely successful. Along the way, we have invested a significant portion of our returns and expertise into supporting other tech entrepreneurs. The encouragement and backing we received from our own business angels and early-stage VC partners inspired us to create the most effective and influential early-stage investor for the next wave of ambitious founders. This is how 10x Founders was born.
Our fund specializes in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A investments with check sizes ranging from €250k to €2.5m. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe in collaboration and enthusiasm for all markets, tech industries, and themes. Our focus is on partnering with the exceptional founders utilizing technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear more about your venture.