WorkerHero is a cutting-edge job platform revolutionizing the German job market. Their mission is to alleviate the challenges faced by job seekers across various industries, successfully connecting over 45,000 users with suitable employment opportunities. Boasting user-friendly features such as transparent salary information and diverse skill development courses, WorkerHero stands as a powerful resource in the job market.

Exceeding projected revenues, WorkerHero effectively addresses a critical market gap by delivering high-quality, value-driven solutions. The exceptional founding team is pivotal to their accomplishments, leveraging their personal experiences to drive unparalleled growth.

As a result, 10x Founders recognized WorkerHero's immense potential and facilitated strategic partnerships, including another VC fund to support the company's expansion. Today, WorkerHero offers over 6,000 job openings across numerous cities in Germany, with a remarkable 92% user satisfaction rate.

Through their unwavering commitment to enhancing job prospects for individuals, WorkerHero exemplifies the core values embodied by our venture capital fund as a proud addition to our portfolio.