Trailblazer in autonomous and sustainable logistics solutions

By merging state-of-the-art autonomous technology with remote drivers, Fernride delivers a scalable, modular transportation service that effortlessly integrates into existing logistics processes, ensuring unmatched performance and dependability for its clientele. Their future-proof technology can accommodate any vehicle type and use case, ranging from automated container handling to production supply and yard shunting.

Fernride's innovative teleoperation technology eradicates idle times and minimizes carbon emissions, unlocking the rewards of automation for its customers. Driven by the ambition to create a driverless future for all, Fernride is dedicated to developing the ultimate human-machine collaboration technology to expedite the shift towards automated and eco-friendly logistics.

The exceptional Fernride team boasts a diverse skill set, encompassing sales, product management, and teleoperations. Their robust deep tech solution, honed over five years at TU Munich, offers an immediate value-add for customers by eliminating idle times via teleoperation in manual processes. Furthermore, their long-term potential is promising as they continue to develop their proprietary autonomy solution.

Nico, a member of our 10x Founders team, spent eight months collaborating with the Fernride team in 2020, solidifying our confidence in their execution capabilities. Together, they crafted a compelling fundraising deck and forged invaluable connections with investors for the Series A round. Our partner, Andreas, joined Fernride's board, bolstering the company's growth through candidate interviews and fostering a robust culture.

We are consistently impressed with Fernride's cutting-edge technology, bold vision, and skilled team. As they continue to reshape the logistics industry, we eagerly anticipate our ongoing partnership and mutual success.