Dynamic learning app revolutionizing the educational landscape for students

Offering a comprehensive range of courses in core subjects such as mathematics, Simpleclub attracts over 2 million users monthly with its extensive features, including engaging video lessons, practice problems, and interactive flashcards. Simpleclub's premium membership unlocks unlimited access to the platform's diverse content, earning high praise from students who appreciate the app's user-friendly interface and efficacy.

Our connection to Simpleclub emerged through the prestigious 10x Founders network, where founders Alex and Nico instantly captivated us with their remarkable charisma and pragmatic execution. During their academic pursuits, the duo established Germany's largest educational YouTube channel, amassing 3 million subscribers and over 500 million views, which culminated in an International Emmy Awards nomination.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex and Nico seized the opportunity to not only develop a cutting-edge learning app, but to strategically position Simpleclub at the vanguard of the education sector. Their expertise in cultivating thriving communities, nurturing exceptional team culture, and expanding an extensive customer base is unparalleled. Our support during Simpleclub's pitch at the 10x Founders Summit in 2022 led to the acquisition of eight additional value-add angels for the round.

Furthering our collaboration, we have assisted Simpleclub in developing and broadening their B2B enterprise, connecting them with numerous leading German companies. As a flourishing and evolving venture, Simpleclub exemplifies the caliber of innovative enterprises we are proud to endorse.