Ivy is a global API for instant bank payments. The Munich based fintech enables customers to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to merchants, eliminating the need for credit cards and reducing transaction fees.

With a unique end user focus, Ivy enables merchants to pass on a part of these savings to customers, creating rewarding consumer experiences at no extra cost. Ivy has partnerships with non-profits, enabling merchants to deliver green rewards to their customers, essentially letting cards & wallets pay for climate action.

Ivy is TÜV certified, and their technology is already connected to over 500 million bank accounts wordwide.

As a venture capital fund, we recognized Ivy's potential early on and invested pre everything. We were impressed with their team's combined achievements and ambition. Working closely with the founding team, we provided an office space and value-add angels to help them get started.

Our partnership with Ivy has been vital to their success. We have been there to provide support and spar with them on vital operational questions, forming a strong relationship that is only ever a phone call away. With Ivy's innovative technology, we believe they are well on their way to driving the shift towards more efficient and inclusive money rails.